Barkan Yoga

Jimmy Barkan began practicing yoga in 1979 and was certified to teach yoga in 1981 through Ghosh’s College of Physical Education in Calcutta, India. He has inspired students for over twenty-five years; many have opened their own schools throughout the world.

This class is a mixture of Vinyasa flow (ashtanga) and balancing postures.  It works in particular on building upper body strength and toning the arms as well as improving the spines flexibility and health.

Barkan Yoga is a complete system of wellness, restoration and rejuvenation. The studio is HOT (over 100 degrees) to facilitate deeper stretching, prevent injury, relieve stress and tension and to detoxify the body. This yoga was designed to systematically stimulate and restore health to every muscle, joint and organ of the body. Participants of all ages notice an increase in energy, strength, balance, flexibility and mental focus. The body is flushed of toxins, leaving a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.

Barkan’s unique style of teaching encourages students of all levels to reach their full potential. He has trained top professional athletes in the country including members of the NFL, NBA, NHL, the 1997 World Series Champions Florida Marlins and PGA Tour players.

The Jimmy Barkan style of Hatha Yoga originated from a lineage in Calcutta, India. In each class we practice a sequence of postures (asanas) to stretch and strengthen various areas of the body necessary to create balance and restore all systems to optimal health.

Physical: The yoga asanas are designed to work internally and externally: Internally: improving the heart, spleen, kidneys, liver, intestines. Externally: improving the joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Mental: Hatha yoga directly aids in strengthening the mind, helping to eliminate stress, depression, anxiety, and other dysfunctional mental disorders. The class helps to create a calming of the mind and a deep relaxation response.

Spiritual: As we strengthen the body and calm the mind we open ourselves up for a transformational experience. Hatha yoga was originally intended to be used as a tool to forget the body’s consciousness, quiet the mind and transcend our limitations, allowing us the freedom for self-realization.